Students walk to beat of EAST Playlist

Sydney Morgan, Hi-Gusher Staff

The El Dorado High School Environmental and Spatial Technologies (E.A.S.T) class creates monthly playlists for the EHS students to listen to on the intercom between classes.


Taylon Steele, the EAST teacher, works with her students and takes suggestions from them in order to create a playlist that all students will enjoy. Steele has even sent emails and asked teachers for music suggestions to make the playlist.


Since it is a school based playlist, there must be rules and restrictions on the music. “The songs must be school appropriate, no foul language and no references to any substances such as drugs and alcohol,” said Steele.


Students, however, have tried to place songs in the playlist that are not school appropriate. Steele said, “Teachers are not as dumb as the students think we are, and we are capable of catching things in songs that are not appropriate.”


Steele feels like the music chosen should be uplifting and get the students in the mood to learn in between classes. She said, “Music is my motivation, and I feel that if we play uplifting music the kids will be ready to learn as soon as they walk into class.”