Wildcats & Lady Wildcats mid season review

Tasia Richardson

A season that started with struggles for both the Lady Wildcats and the Varsity Wildcats is turning around as the teams are slowly finding ways to overcome adversity.

The Lady Wildcats have had one of the toughest starts this season as a young team due to the inexperience and lack of chemistry which showed early. The long and extra practices are seeming to work as the Lady Wildcats are growing, now on a two game winning streak with a record of 5-9.

“The team is growing up together and working extremely hard. Everyone is positive and has the same goal and that is to win a lot of games,” said Head Coach Destinee Rogers.

The Wildcats had less of an ideal start for the season due to the loss of Czar Perry, Daniel Gafford, and Ryu Unice, major players on last year’s team.

Similar to the Lady Cats, there were issues at the beginning of the season with a lack of experience and chemistry.

The Wildcats won only one out of their first five games before starting a three game win streak. The Wildcats are led by Junior Brenden Johnson and Joderrio Ramey, Senior Keshun Greene and Kyle Jordan, and Sophomore Brendan Smith.

The Wildcats they recently knocked off Lake Hamilton in overtime, which was a must needed win to help boost their confidence.

This team is smaller than last year and they play fast and shoot the ball really well from the three-point-line. It has been a blessing going to practice each day,” Head Coach Gary Simmons said. He explained that he’s seeing them improve with each game.

“These young men just bring their best every day,” he said.

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