As finals near, prepare with these study tips

Tasia Richardson, Hi-Gusher Staff

Finals approaching for students at EHS can be one of the most stressful times through the school year.
Every student has a different approach when it comes to studying for finals, or any test, so here are some tips to help.
Stay away from groups of people that tend to get off topic quickly, because that will only cause those actually studying to do the same thing. Studying alone is more helpful in some cases. Keep calm when studying and never over-work. A break is good every now and then.
Even the strongest students won’t be able to learn all the material at once, so balance time wisely and be sure to use break times as a reward.
When it comes to managing time, starting with a good night’s sleep is important. Without it, it’s harder to remember what was studied, and with little sleep comes little energy to remember the important things during finals.
In the article, “The 20 Study Tips for Finals,” found at, several other helpful tips were listed.
The article reads, “Creating your own study guide can help you understand the material better. Outlining the important information can be helpful during your studies. Ask questions regarding the material and the exam so that you’re prepared.”
Other tips included:
• Ask a lot of questions
• Make it fun
• Put together all study material old and new
• Organize your work and backpack
• Turn notes into flashcards
• Give yourself more time for the toughest classes
• Use different study methods to remember information
Always think positively. Nervous energy will only lead to anxiety, causing a lack of focus.
Preparing for finals can be the most stressful thing ever, but with a plan in place, success is possible.