Clark, Maker talk track and field success

Tasia Richardson, Hi-Gusher Staff

The season has just begun for Breya Clark and La Diamond Maker, two leaders for the El Dorado High School Girls’ Track and Field Team.
Clark is one of the best on the team and she’s known for her high leaping ability and high placing in many different events. She explained what it’s like to be apart of the team and what she competes in.
“At track meets I do high jump, long jump, triple jump, hurdles and sometimes I compete in the 4 by 1. To be part of the track team you have to show that you want to be a part of the team and not be weak. You have to be a hard worker and dedicated to the sport. You must put in the work,” she said. Again and again, Clark proves that’s no issue for her.
“At meets, Coach always tells us to do our best no matter what place you come in. Always make sure to do your best,” Clark said.
La Diamond Maker, a sophomore, has a bright future ahead of her in track and field events.
Maker explained what it takes to do track. “In track you have to be mentally strong when it comes to the events. I participate in the 100 meter dash, 4 by 1, high jump and the 200 meter dash.”
“At meets you have to be at your events on time when you’re called and don’t try to get out of your events at the last minute,” said Maker.
Again, hard work was the major emphasis she placed on being a part of the Lady Wildcat Track and Field Team. “To be a part of the team you just have to put in the work, and make sure you’re working hard at all times. Just make it seem like you actually want to be here.”
Maker said the team is improving.
“The season is going good so far we just have to work on our handoffs. We definitely have more structure this year and we’re more disciplined.”
The Varsity Boys and Girls Track and Field teams will compete on Thursday in Magnolia beginning at 3:30 p.m.