Wildcat Volleyball welcomes new head coach Sarah Kieffer

Trinity Herring

Sarah Kieffer is one of the new teachers who have received a job here at El Dorado High School.


Kieffer is the new volleyball coach. Before EHS, she coached varsity basketball at Gurdon High School, and coached basketball and volleyball at Barton Junior High. Kieffer also teaches Child Development, Parenting, and Child Care Management.

When she was a high school student, she played volleyball and basketball, and ran track.


Kieffer attended Henderson State University. There, she had the opportunity to play volleyball, and she when her time there ended, she decided she was not ready to give up the sport.


Kieffer said she wants to help the players on her team achieve their goals as students and athletes. “They work hard and grow every single day. Every day I ask them to be great and they do just that,” said Kieffer.