ASLI to Have Big Things Planned

Lacy Allen

Have you always wanted to do some type of community service, but not sure how? ASLI is the place to be! Ms. Antoon took on the role of club leader this year, and there are many things to do this year.  There are many opportunities available for you in ASLI. On September 15, students will be taking part in Keep El Dorado Beautiful, and there’s still more spots to fill if you’re interested. There is also a Speed Lead Conference coming up in the Spring. “Last year, the students really enjoyed meeting with young leaders in Arkansas,” Antoon said. They work with several organizations, including Hope Landing, Agape House, El Dorado Recycling, Salvation Army, and Keep El Dorado Beautiful, “just to name a few,” Antoon stated. One way the club plans to be successful is really leaning on student leaders. “I want  this year to be very focused,” said Antoon. They also wish to be more well known in the community and keep doing meaningful things in service. Stop by Ms. Antoon’s room, 2416, for more information.