We are greater than the expectations that divide us

Lillie Levingston , submitted article

Everywhere around us there are expectations of what we should become, and every day we unknowingly follow these expectations because we feel as if we have to.

So what do we do? We raise our standards, sometimes making them too high and sometimes raising them just enough. I believe the expectations daily put upon us by our society and statistics greatly limit our abilities and accomplishments.

For example, the expectations of impoverished individuals rising above poverty is extremely slim, not because they don’t have the will to do it, but because they can’t afford to gain a secondary education and if they do they spend a lifetime paying back loans.

All around the world, including in our high school right now, there is division among ethnic groups and social classes.

Today’s society tells us that the division among us is expected and part of the stereotypical expectations thrown at us every day.

We consistently play along with these expectations. We study for endless hours throughout the night, engaging ourselves in extracurricular activities, and taking classes way beyond our comfort levels to get glanced at by a few colleges.

We push and push ourselves until we exceed our limits and lose all strength and motivation to fight.

High school has become a place of competition instead of an environment to learn, an insane urge for success instead of motivation to succeed, a cry of help instead of a shout of hope.

We need to stop competing, stop the comparisons, stop the doubt and stop the unhealthy expectations. They are only tearing us down.

Instead, we need to make them to build us up, to give us hope, to give us motivation. We are more than just grades and competition. We can accomplish more than just test scores.

The future of the world is in our hands. It is up to us to listen to the limitations of everyone’s expectations.

We are greater than we think and can accomplish more than we know.

Today is only the beginning, don’t give up now.