James Cain, HI gusher staff

Many people see math as an unnecessary subject, but we use it everyday. This subject can help anybody with their job, it also helps with a person’s everyday life. Math, however, is a subject looked down on by most people. 


 Hayden Dow coach and Geometry teacher at EHS seems to think this way as well, “I think math is very important. We use math in some form or way everyday in our lives.  Everyone does!” Dow said “ It also teaches us essential problem solving skills that we all need for everyday life.” He wants to teach his students the importance of math, because he sees it as an important tool in life. “I teach math because I want to help students learn these very important skills for later in their life.” “I also want to show students that have had trouble with math in the past that they can do it!” 


Natalye Leake an Algebra teacher at EHS says “Math is important because it follows you throughout your life and it builds your critical thinking skills.” Math is part of everything in life, even the small things in life have something to do with math,  Leak said “For me, math is important because it allowed me to see that I could overcome my difficulties and actually solve for”x “!” Leake said “I wanted to be a math teacher because I wanted to help students understand that they could “get” math. I was a student who struggled and felt dumb when in math class. It wasn’t until I understood more about my own learning disability that I figured out that I could also do math I just had to learn differently.”


Many jobs use math such as financial services, health care, and science. We use math everyday without realizing it. We count everything like money, objects, people, etc.Math is almost everywhere in the world most things wouldn’t exist without math we wouldn’t have a calendar, years, days, and a lot of technology. Math is one of the best things to happen to the world, so it would be nice to show more interest in it.