Spotlight on: Caroline Callaway

Whitney Jones, EHS Hi-Gusher Staff

Caroline Callaway is an English teacher here at El Dorado High school. This spring will mark three years since she began teaching here. She graduated from EHS in 2012, and graduated from the University of Mississippi with a Bachelor of Arts, and from Southern Arkansas University with a Masters in Science. She even has a Journalism degree. “If I could teach any other class, it’d probably be Journalism.” 


Before she came to EHS, she wasn’t even in the teaching profession yet. How she came to EHS is pretty amazing. “I was a graphic designer, and I was designing sports programs for different high schools.” As she was designing, she stumbled across a page that was an “In-memory” for a young male student who had taken his own life because of the pressures of school. “I just felt like I was contributing enough to society in general. It just doesn’t matter that much to take it to that level.” She spoke to her mom after work, and sobbed to her on the phone. “I don’t know what I can do to help, the only thing I can do is become a teacher.”.


Ever since Callaway began teaching here, she’s wanted to be seen as a mentor. She says that her biggest joy in teaching is “when students realize how much practice we’ve done in class improves their ability. They’re just like ‘Woah! I can do this, I understand it now!”  She’s always offered before and after school help to her students. “I just want my kids to succeed.”


You can always find Mrs. Callaway in the English hallway in room 2431.