Spotlight on: Catelynn Connor


Sarah Beeman, EHS Hi-Gusher Staff

   Catelynn Connor a sophomore, who is a hard worker at El Dorado High School,  has set her goals high, “I want to go to a really good college, and get a really high GPA.¨ Connor, says she’d love ¨to be the top 20 in my class.¨ Regarding the High School, she states ¨ I think the High School is great, they really care about us.¨ Connor expresses her thoughts on the High School, ¨ I wish I knew how different the environment is here. With all new people that I´ve never seen before, and I wish that I’d known about the resources that are available to students.¨

   Conner plays sports at EHS such as soccer and volleyball. Sports have always been very important to her, she says, ¨I have been doing those sports for about 10 years now.¨ Connor says, ¨ I want to represent the school, and the sports, because most sports are not as recognized.¨ Connor loves to practice a lot, a long with reading, ¨ I like mystery books.¨ Connor expresses that, ¨ I wish people knew that I am quiet and shy, but once you get to know me that I am outgoing.¨ She says, ¨people always see me as the shy girl in class who works really hard, but they don´t get to know me as a person, and how I am very competitive when it comes down to things.¨