Students Act Out at Thespian Troupe 42 Workshop

Tommy Khou, Hi-Gusher

Thespian Troupe 42 had a workshop for members on January 29th in the auditorium on acting for auditions, how to build a character quickly, and how to create a scene without the full script in hand. Workshops are a great way for members to improve their skills for theatre, as well as help equip them with the right tools in order to be a good actor. 

Jessica Freeman, the sponsor and teacher in charge of Thespian Troupe 42, says that there will be more workshops hosted this year because “we’re not able to get on stage very much so I thought it would be fun to teach and help members understand and do some character work that maybe we can’t get in class.” 

Kennedy Langston, a junior and member of Thespians, participated in this workshop and said, “I thought it would be a good opportunity to expand my acting abilities.” She continues, “It was nice to realize that monologue and a character can have a wide range of emotions and characters themselves. It was nice to see the different aspects of each character I play.” 

Members who participated in the workshop seem to have felt it did improve their acting skills and was very helpful in helping them be able to develop a character more quickly and easily which helps prep for auditions as well. “I really enjoyed the creative process of figuring out a character on the fly. The workshop really taught me how to think on the fly and prepare for future auditions and gave me some insight on what I may be expected to do at an audition,” says Langston. 

Langston encourages others to join. “Join next year and come to workshops to see if you enjoy being in the theatre! There is something for everyone. Not just acting, but about the stage as well, like lighting, sounds, props, and even costume design.”

There will be more workshops for the Thespians this year and plans for the next workshop are in place. Freeman says, “Our next workshop will be over basic stage makeup, which will be on February 11th after school, the alternate date is February 19th.” As of right now, only Thespian Troupe 42 members are able to participate in these workshops. However, Freeman does have plans for workshops with a fee for those who are not in Thespians. 

In addition, these workshops are not only based on acting and improving one’s acting skills but all other skills in the theatre. For example, technical skills like lighting and sound. 

“On February 26th at one, there will be a technical workshop for Thespians only. I want to have 2-3 workshops every month in lieu of performances due to COVID-19,” says Freeman. It is too late to join Thespians this year. However, if you have any interest in joining next year consider trying out one of the workshops that include a fee and are open to those outside of Thespians.