Freshman Start High School

Amy Jacobs , high gusher staff

Coming to a new campus, the Class of 2025 is facing a year filled with challenges.

With college just on the horizon, a new schedule to get used to, and a new campus to navigate, freshmen students have a lot to learn to be comfortable at El Dorado High School.

High school is very different from elementary, middle, and junior high school. students are responsible for their own stuff. This is something new for freshmen having to keep up with their own schedule. 

For freshman Gregory Smith, the school seems big. He said, “I’m not used to my schedule and walking up and down the stairs.”  Freshman Blake Tanner said his struggles are “ walking and getting lost.”  

SAT and college prep are also part of high school. Deciding what college students want to attend, students may think they have enough time to put it off but they don’t. This is one of the things that makes high school stressful. As long as students are thinking about it and have an idea of what they want to do and where they want to go there will be no worry. Students who are looking for more information contact one of the college and career coaches. 

There are lots of different feelings going through Freshman’s head because of all the changes happening around them. For Smith, high school is a positive change. He said, “It’s going great, there are no negatives so far.” 

The high school has lots of classes students can take, choosing their schedule is a big decision. Some like the classes that they chose and some dislike their classes. Freshman experience lots of struggles in high school. 

Everyone has different goals pushing them forward. Some goals are big and some are smaller and easier to achieve. In high school there are a lot of things to look forward to like Graduation, meeting new people, sports, and classes. Tanner said he’s looking forward to passing. Everyone has their own opinion of the school. Tanner said, “ What I like about school is that I know people.” The class of 2025 is starting one the most important chapters of their lives and will have all sorts of experiences. This is the start of their journey.