Volunteers Help with Hurricane Ida Relief

Amy Jacobs, Hi-gusher staff

Aftermath of hurricane Ida hitting Louisiana

Hurricane season is here and Ida wasted no time to recede havoc on everything in its path. 


        Ida is a category four hurricane that has affected Louisiana, Cuba, the Gulf coast of the United States, and more places. Ida has taken the lives of 60 people. Louisiana was hit hard by Ida with a death toll of 12 so far there could be more victims. Most are without a place to stay because of flooding in their home. Ida knocked down power lines leaving most without power. 

        Family members who live in other states worrying if their loved one is okay. Iyouna Lindsey says “I was scared because I have family members living in Louisiana.” There are 6 missing people and Family could be wondering if it’s one of their relatives missing. Family grieving from the loss of ones they loved and cared for. Ava Collopy says “ I feel bad for Louisiana having to go through another devastating hurricane.” 

        The National Guard is currently working on rescue and relief. The National Guard has rescued 359 people and 55 pets from high water. They have distributed 5,132,333 meals, 227,972 tarps, 6,273,686 liters of water, 936,151 bags of ice, and 224,000 sandbags to affected citizens. Things in Louisiana are getting better slowly. Volunteers and the National Guard are working hard to help where they can.

        What happened in Louisiana was devastating. This is the time we need to come to gather as a community and support the families and volunteers helping with relief. Collopy says a way to speed up relief is to “eliminate bureaucracy as CEO Jack Welch said.” It does not have to be something big to help it could be money, food, hygiene products, or clothes. places to donate are the Red Cross, gofundme pages for hurricane Ida relief, project hope, and rebuild together. Lindsey says “shelters could be built for those who lost their house.” The people of Louisiana need support to help get back on their feet. Things are rough right now but will get better with time.