Transition Teaches Students about Jobs and College

Amy Jacobs , hi-gusher staff

             The Transition classes at EHS prepare students for after high school by teaching them confidence in their abilities by making a business, teaching them about jobs, college and life skills.

             This year, students learn about the workforce by opening a coffee shop. This helps students to learn about what the workforce is like and earn money in the process. The coffee shop provides  job experience to put on a resume. The jobs in the coffee shop are making that coffee, taking orders, serving the coffee, and cleaning the cups.   

            Transition has been going on for three years and has been successful in building students’ confidence and getting them excited for the workforce. The first year students sold bath salt. The second year they started the coffee shop. This year they will be doing a coffee shop, gardening/maintenance of the school, shredding paper teachers do not need, and may also sell bath salt. Jennifer McGehee said the program has many benefits for her students.                                       “[The classes] build confidence, experience and has helped [students] to be successful,” she said. 

             Students will soon be receiving a debit card provided by WOLF (work based learning opportunities leading to future employment). which they join with other schools. In class, they look at housing so students can get an idea of what type of house they want and how much it will cost. 

              There is always a job in every field they can do. students do not have limits and can do whatever they set their mind to. McGehee said, “there is always a job they can do if they don’t want to do one job there’s another.”  

               The students are setting up a college career night. it will be October 12, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm in the EHS commons. They are making tickets for the door prizes. This event is meant for the special education students but anyone can come. The mayor, JAG, project search, and AR workforce will be special guests. The colleges that will participate at this event are southark, SAU, SAU tech, and UAM. The careers at this event are medical, Business/finance, computers, education, welder and more. 

               Annalea Elliott, a Junior at EHS said “ I want to become a nail tech.” This program has helped students learn about what they are capable of and got them excited about job/college opportunities.