Students elect Homecoming royalty

Paula Harris elected Homecoming queen

Haley LaGrone, Hi-Gusher staff

Students at El Dorado High School voted for homecoming royalty this past Tuesday.
Principal Alva Reibe announced the election results on Thursday during sixth period, and said the election was a success. “This was one of the best turn outs,” she said.
Students were able to use technology and in-class time to vote this year. Last year, students voted using pen and paper during lunch shifts.
Paula Harris was elected Homecoming Queen, with Honor Maids Jordan Davis and Adrian Larry to stand at her side.
“On an [excitement] scale of one to 10, I’m at a 10,” she said. Harris said she had a positive outlook about the election. “I had a feeling, a great feeling about it,” she said. To earn her votes, she said she posted pictures on social media and told people to vote for her throughout the school day.
Honor Maid Davis said the result was a surprise. “I didn’t know I’d be one of the three,” she said.
Honor Maid Larry said before the election she wanted to win, but, “If I don’t, I’ll be satisfied,” she said.
Other members of the Homecoming Court will include:
Seniors: Ashli McCathern and Cameron Poole
Juniors: Alexis Belt and Zakari Smith
Sophomores: Autumn Parker and Michelle Roberson
Freshmen: Layken Grimes and Nadia Vartenian