Breaking in the benches

Autumn Frazier, Hi-Gusher staff

Open eyes. Get dressed. Eat breakfast (or don’t). Brush teeth. Do hair. Catch bus.

After that, for students who ride the bus every day, a long day of school will follow these steps. At 3:15 when the bell rings, that’s not the end of their school day.

Those students had to stand outside with Assistant Principals Russ Bechtelheimer and Geni Smith, and often complained there was no where to sit, Smith said.

“We have to get the students outside after 3:30,” she said. Late buses can run as late as 3:50, and after a day of classes, 45 minutes is a long time to stand.

The assistant principals went together to Principal Alva Reibe to literally help students take a load off. Reibe approved the purchase of six new benches, which have now been installed in the bus area and students now have a place to sit down.

The benches cost approximately $3,000. Smith said that the benches weren’t installed with destruction in mind, but they are covered in special paint and bolted to the ground to prevent damage.  

Many times, changes at EHS come about because someone has done something wrong. This was done for the kids who are always where they’re supposed to be, even if it’s standing waiting for a bus. “Sometimes you just have to do something for the good kids,” Smith said.