Cat Chat: How Do You Deal With A Break Up?


How do you deal with a break up?


Dealing with breakups can be a very difficult situation. No matter how long the relationship lasted, it will still leave a sting and is sometimes hard to cope with. Although getting over someone takes a toll on you emotionally, there a multiple things you can do to help cope and get your mind away from the person you just got out of a relationship with.


Let everything out. I’m not just talking about crying, but talking about it or writing. Sometimes crying helps let it out, but it doesn’t necessarily solve everything. Writing helps you let out your suppressed emotions, it’s not good to leave everything bottled up.


Surround yourself with people you love and who love you. Hanging out with your best friend/bestfriends will almost always help you get your mind off of the break up. Keep the people you love closest to you and make sure that they’re there for you when you need them.


Learn self love. If you accept yourself and love yourself it is much easier to be happy on your own and not have to rely on someone else for your happiness. Recognize your self worth and how strong you are to be able to overcome this. Just because you’re going through a break up does not mean that the world is over. Focus on yourself, reinvent yourself, try working out or eating healthier. Become the best version of you that you can be. The pain of a break up is only temporary.