EHS chooses students for Arkansas Governor’s School

Sydney Morgan, Hi-Gusher Staff

El Dorado High School selected students Sharay Castanon and Andrew Longinotti to attend the 39th annual Arkansas Governor’s School.
The Arkansas Governor’s School (AGS) will be hosted at Hendrix College and will take up a majority of the students’ summer.
AGS selection is based of off ability and interest in the program, and the selection process is also considered highly competitive. This six week program is a summer residential program for gifted and talented students who are up and coming high school seniors in the state of Arkansas.
This is a non-credit program that aims to create a unique experience for the students participating.
The students are exposed to an intellectual atmosphere no matter which division of the program they join.
Longinotti, one of the students representing EHS at AGS was very interested in the program and the knowledge he would gain from attending.
He said, “Ms. Fox talked about the school a few times in class, and I thought it would be a prestigious program and it would be able to help me in college and picking my major.”
He continued, “I would like to explore what college is like and learn about different majors and how they would apply to my life after high school.”
Castanon, the second student chosen to go to AGS said, “I became interested because it would look great on college applications and the different opportunities I would be able to experience throughout the summer.”
For information about applying to next year’s Arkansas Governor’s School, contact the Guidance Office.
AGS will take place from June 10 to July 21.