Boston-bound: Trip offers students opportunity tour distant schools

Caitlin Glancey, Hi-Gusher staff

Interested in visiting colleges and learning about scholarship opportunities?

English Teacher Stephanie Fussell and AP U.S. History Teacher Caitlin Noble will be taking interested students to Boston, Mass., to tour colleges during spring break.

      With a lot of planning and ideas, Fussell and Noble decided they wanted to do something for the students. “It was created on whim,” said Fussell. “I never expected it to actually happen.” Both Fussell and Noble have their own reasons as to why they wanted to take the trip. Noble said, “We want kids to be exposed [to new experiences].” Fussell said that she wants to “show kids the possibilities that are available, that opportunities go farther than the Promise.”

This trip will also allow students to develop a new understanding for society and academics. They will be touring colleges, both public and private, and exploring Boston to get hands-on experience and to present students with a whole new idea of learning. The estimated number of students going is about 20.

Fussell and Noble are helping students in any way they can, including fundraisers and payment plans. They are also giving two students full-paid scholarships to go on the trip.