Super Saturday brings in guest science teacher

Caitlin Glancey, Hi-Gusher Staff

Mark Meredith,the head of the science department in Russellville, taught a lesson to Angie Parker’s AP biology class during Super Saturday on Nov. 3.

Meredith teaches Pre-AP Biology, AP Biology, microbiology and genetics. He received his Masters Degree from Montana State University in Biology Education,and is a National Board Certified Teacher in Adolescent – Young Adult Science.

Meredith first met Parker at an event hosted by AAIMS, the Arkansas Advanced Initiative for Math and Science. They had other encounters during an Advanced Placement Summer Institute, a week-long training program for AP teachers.

Parker invited him to assist her with reviewing the content of the first nine weeks with her students at Super Saturday, and he accepted. This was his second time to attend such an event at El Dorado High School, the first being in 2011-2012.

During Super Saturday, AP science classes get together from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and do activities to review their subject.

In AP biology, there were four sessions. Meredith taught ecology and biochemistry, while Parker did a microscope lab. There was not enough time for the second session in Parker’s class.

Meredith said he primarily focused on population dynamics and movement of matter and energy throughout ecosystems in the ecology hour, while the focus in biochemistry was focused on enzymatic activity as it is influenced by various environmental and situational variables.
Meredith said, “I absolutely enjoyed the opportunity to work with Mrs. Parker’s students. As I commented to her at the end of the event, she has an extremely talented group of young people. It was an absolute pleasure to help them review AP biology.”