How to be prepared for the ACT

stephanie byrnside, opinion

Students around the country prepare multiple times a year for the ACT, one of the most popular college entry exams.

The test, which covers reading, language, science and math, often determines where students attend college, based on their scores.

At El Dorado High School, the ACT and ACT Aspire, for lower grades, are used as progress checks for students, to watch improvements in scores and determine educational paths.

EHS Counsellor Nancy Watson offered some tips for students to follow at EHS in order to make the best scores possible.

First, she said, pay attention to bellwork. Classes offer morning exercises directly based on ACT-style questions and content.

“When you see someone studying or a study group, join in, or you can go to some websites like to find ACT practice tests,” she said.

Students should also focus on areas of the test they are weak on, since even though each section is scored individually, they all are averaged together for a composite score, which is where colleges tend to focus.


Here are some things to help you get ready for the ACT

  • Register for the ACT if the students haven’t
  • Be familiar with the format and the structure
  • Study and create a study plan
  • Practice the test strategies
  • Use the entire time for each section and try to get all the answers right
  • Take the practice test regularly
  • Get oriented with ACT content and question styles
  • Learn essential test content
  • Set a target score