As Coach Reed moves on, we focus on what’s left behind

Caitlin Glancey, Hi-Gusher Staff

Scott Reed leaving El Dorado had an effect on everyone at EHS, but no one more than the football players. Recent news stories on Reed leaving have involved him, his family and his experiences at EHS, but few wrote about what he left behind — his players, the team and the school.

Reed was head coach at EHS for 12 years, and during those years many people grew close to him.

For Greyson Hubbard, Jonathan Goodman, Gavin Heustis and Quinton Frazier, varsity football players, there was a common theme. It was sad to see him go.

The team has around 86 players, along with 11 coaches.

Reed was an outstanding coach according to Goodman.

Goodman said, “We lost a coach that’s helped us win multiple state championships and someone that helped us get the best things he could for us. He pushed like no other coach could, but he was also our friend that helped us with our problems that we’ve had at home the best he could.”

Frazier said that while it was sad to see him leave, the team will get through it.

“We will meet him again, but with another team.”

Heustis said he was happy for him because the move is closer to Reed’s family.

Hubbard had a lot to say about Reed’s departure. He said it was tough hearing about Reed leaving because he had become, in a way, the team’s father figure.

“All the time we spent with Reed, he was family, basically our dad. A lot of players will understand when I say that there’s a bond that you grow between the players and coaches when you’re involved in a sport. They’re your second family.”

Hubbard shared his story of how Reed helped him become a better kicker through motivation and encouragement. “When I first started kicking I wasn’t the greatest, and I practiced like I was supposed to with no improvement — until the end of ninth grade, when we started working with Reed. Something about him made me want to work harder, made me want to be better. Everytime I made a mistake he was always able to calm me down.”

Reed helped improve players’ stamina and determination to be better.

What Hubbard said next summarizes the sentiment of many at EHS.

“When you lose a family member, you lose a part of yourself with them. So when I heard Coach Reed was leaving, it felt like a part of me was leaving too.”

Coach Reed left El Dorado to return to his Alma Mater in Cabot. We doubt he will after 12 years, but we never want him to forget what he left behind.