Are People More Likely To Follow Their Parent’s Political Views?

Kinsley Dumas

At a young age children are taught what is wrong and right, but many are also taught what their parents political views are. Most people, as they grow older, stay around the same category as what their parents are. Since parents have a strong influence over their children, they tend to have the same values and opinions. But sometimes children will rebel against what their parents believe, and be of the opposing  side. Or even be of the opposite side due to their parents having not really talked about politics.

The reason so many people follow their parents political stances is due to the fact of familiarity. It is what they have been around and to them it seems right. When they are young and learning the rights and wrongs their parents will drill into their brains that what they believe, is right. So when it comes to their political views they see it as one of the many “rights” that they have been taught.

This is not always the case though. Often times when people rebel or do not have the same beliefs as their parents is because they are more open-minded. If a child rebels against their parents political views it could be because all their life they have had to follow a certain criteria and they want to have their own opinions. Also, once someone reaches adulthood and they move on to college or a job they are exposed to more diversity. When children are young, they are usually around family and people who may all have similar views. When they are older they are faced with many different types of people and opinions. They will experience many things that could persuade them to change their beliefs.