Beat of the ball game

James Cain, HI gusher staff

They work together as a unit to play their best. They put in hours of practice. They bring home trophies and other state and national honors. We’re not talking about the football team. We’re talking about the El Dorado High School Marching Band.

Even though the band sees themselves as the soundtrack to many events at EHS, some members feel like the work they put in gets little recognition.

   Cuashaundra Owens plays the trombone and said, “We go through a lot with little pay off. It’s like we work so hard, but nobody notices that we do.”

The band brings the mood of events like the football games, or pep rallies and they play at concerts as well. “During football season, we play as pep band or hype band or whatever you want to call us. In the spring, we are a concert band. We bring the mood for whatever occasion the school needs us for,” she said.

Owens said “My personal favorite thing about band is the pieces of music we get to play. Whether it is pep music or actual concert pieces of music.” She said the emotion they put into their work can be seen in the energy in their music.

Owens said her sister’s love for band helped Owens decide to join, too. “I first joined band to follow in the footsteps of my sister who plays the trumpet. Then I developed a want to play music for people and enjoy being in other people’s company that also love to play/write music,” said Owens. Now a senior, Owens has found a passion and a place she feels like she fits.

Band students spend so much time together, they build important bonds, at least that’s how Owens sees it. “Band to me is like a family-oriented group. Yes, we fight, but we come back together to lift each other up and that’s the best part of it,” she said.