Wear a mask

Sarah Beeman, EHS Hi-Gusher Staff

I am attending on site school and wearing the mask is the way to go. Taking precautions and wearing a mask will help me and everyone to attend school and protect our families. The mask is a physical barrier to protect you from another person. If you sneeze or cough, masks decrease the distance that your germs will go rather than not wearing one at all. The people who have health disorders or are prone to getting illnesses should not be around people or in large gatherings because of how contagious the corona virus is. 

We want to protect the students and the teachers at school, and wearing masks in the hallways or the classrooms makes the virus less likely to spread. 

The students here at the school that don’t have any health disorders can just wear a mask and practice good hygiene. Not only does this help protect you from the outbreak and the spread it will act as a barrier from your hands and mouth. 

The CDC suggests in the article  “Consideration for wearing a mask,” that “when the schools reopen that we wear a mask and practice good social distancing, washing hands, or regular cleaning and disinfecting.” Tweeted about Arkansas Governor press release on July 3rd, 2020 moments after Hutchinsons announcement “Everyone must do their part,” he says. “This is the right decision and will flatten the curve and save lives in Arkansas as we fight against the Covid-19 Pandemic.” 

About the benefits of masks, Jayden Smith, a Junior attending EHS in person and onsite said, “I honestly don’t think they are beneficial at all, I mean if we are going to get it, we are gonna get it.” She’s not the only one who feels this way, however, it’s not a good idea to take such a risk. Mrs. Callaway, an English teacher said, “It’s necessary to wear a mask.” “In a class like this where we have three people and we can safely distance, and get 12 feet apart, I am a little more lenient. In my other classes though, students are required to keep them on at all times.” Regarding the school’s policy on choosing on site, she said, “I think the policy is fair. I think for students who had come back in person this was the tradeoff you agreed to do.” 

The school and everyone is doing their absolute best to keep everyone safe. I know many people dislike wearing the mask which is fair, but you have to think of the bigger picture and what you are doing to help protect everyone around you so that way we can be onsite and learn.