Virtual learning

on site learning

Jasmine Sanders, hi gusher writer

With the new learning/teaching practices at EHS due to the covid-19 pandemic,students might have issues adapting to learn what their teacher is teaching them if they don’t have hands on visual or physical learning skill set.

Those who chose virtual learning it does affect their learning  and their education This is because lots of students learn differently.

Virtual learning isn’t all bad. There are some good things about it.

Virtual student at EHS Ella Buck said, “The advantages of virtual learning are that you won’t have to be around people or have to wear a mask all day.” 

  “Sometimes it can get complicated if you don’t stay on top of the work.”

Students with a slower learning pace can get behind.

“You can get behind easily and it can be hard to get caught up again.”


Her thought on virtually learning is that “ It’s that it’s the safest thing we can do right now.”


Ella spends the same amount time as regular class but sometimes the teachers let them out of google meet early so they can get to the next class on time.I

 asked her what could make virtual learning better she says”pacing the time we have to use can make it better but it’s ok so far.