School spirit, we want it back

Sarah Beeman, EHS Hi-Gusher Staff

Going back to school made everyone excited and be able to get back in the routine of the new school year. However, when school finally started back, there was a lack of school spirit, and enthusiasm. There are a lot of changes this year because of COVID, so they had to make restrictions and take away activities that made us close. They took away our normal pep- rallies, along with making limited capacity for football games.   

 I always thought pep-rallies were super fun, and it brought everyone together. Owen Jackson, a senior attending on-site said, “Some of us are seniors and we like the pep-rallies, so it kinda takes away the fun from our senior year. It just ruins it.”

 It was something to look forward too and be excited about. I love being able to be with my friends and have a good time shouting at the top of our lungs. 

Another thing that has been negatively affected is how we attend football games. It has upset a lot of students because of the masks and not being able to sit close. The 12th man was a lot of fun and they were there to show the school spirit, but no one wants to go anymore. 

“It’s boring now, to be honest,” said Kaylee Osgood, a Junior at EHS. They don’t feel the same about it as they did in past years. 

Since COVID has impacted the students, particularly the seniors, we have to find other ways to gain back the fun! We need to find something else to help gain back the school spirit!  We want to create new fun, excitement, and activities to do, to at least make school fun this year. 

Osgood mentions how to bring back the spirit of having a “fun day and play games that can be educational but fun. That would get our classmates to be excited about something. Along with having homecoming week, where we all can dress up.”

I agree with Kaylee. This year has been and will be hard on all of us, but maintaining school spirit and enthusiasm will help us have a positive attitude about the situation.