A few freshman sharing their first year experiences

Sarah Beeman, EHS Hi-Gusher Staff


This year’s new students at EHS tell about their first year experiences of their freshman year so far. Emily Chisholm, Avery Mcgoogan, and Dacey Garcia. 


Emily Chisholm states, “I thought it was going to be a lot more complicated, to get to classes, but it’s honestly so easy and I haven’t gotten lost. It doesn’t seem to be harder yet, so I’m just chilling.” Then continues on saying “I feel like I would have a lot more experiences if we had assemblies and pep rallies this year but you know…Covid-19.” 


Avery Mcgoogan states, “Freshman year has been ok this year. I have to walk all around the school. I got Freshman homecoming maid so that will be a fun experience. My classes are chill and I like my Freshman year so far!” 


Dacey Garcia states, “This year is kinda crazy but full of experiences, it’s way different from Junior High, there are way more kids at the high school and way bigger, I feel as if it’s been so far a good year, just hate wearing these masks, they make things different.”