NBA 2K eSports Tournament

Tommy Khou, Hi-Gusher

The eSports team is hosting their first tournament the week of January 25.  This tournament will be a single-elimination tournament.  Participants will play NBA 2K, a basketball game where players control their team and make strategic plays.

Players will be competing against each other in Mason Guthrie’s and Patrick Johnson’s classroom.  People outside of the eSports team can also participate in this tournament.

Guthrie explains the details of the tournament. “Players will pick a team and battle head to head in a best of three elimination. Winners will advance to the next stage of the tournament, losers will be done.”

There will be more tournaments soon. “I plan to do one [tournament] at least once a month,” Guthrie said. This tournament will also determine how other tournaments are set up in the future.

It is not too late to join the tournament or the eSports team as well.  The winner gets a custom t-shirt declaring them as the El Dorado 2K Champion.  If you would like to participate in the tournament then you should see Guthrie in classroom 2608 or send him an email.

If you are participating in the tournament make sure to bring a PS4 controller. You are welcome to come to spectate and cheer on your friends.

School rules will still apply. The more people that sign up the better, so if you’re interested make sure to sign up and have a good time at the first eSports tournament.

If you are even mildly interested to give it a try and participate.  And if you do enjoy the tournament, then maybe you should try joining the eSports team as well.

It’s not too late to join eSports. Just contact Mason Guthrie through his email: [email protected] or go to his classroom room 2608.