Changes Wanted Within EHS

Veronica Zartuche, Hi-Gusher staff

Within El Dorado High things haven’t always been perfect, one of my experiences are class time. Class time can sometimes be hard with the students and teachers. What I’m talking about is not being able to learn correctly because of not enough time and or the teachers go through everything so fast and don’t go back and teach and make sure everyone understands. “I think there should be more one-on -one time with teachers and students.” Demarcus Owgins said. “There should be more time going over the lessons”, Ogwin also feels there should be more time provided with certain things, like notes, tests, and some homework. Valleri Ville feels it is important for teachers to “be more open about mental health, going as far as understanding some have more mental health issues than others, being open minded, and respectful.” I think if teachers can stop and realize how some students around them are feeling and take a moment with them it would help for both parts.”Treat students how you would like to be treated.”  With paid school lunches you can choose out of three meals with milk or juice. “Vending machines, bigger and better drinks’’ Owgins said. Some other food options Ville would like to see along with others is “sub sandwiches, hot dogs, free snacks like crackers and water.  Another issue is the passing period, students feel that 5 minutes isn’t enough, especially some having to come from one end of the school to the other  just for one class. In all I think some of these things can be fixed just by actions, some like the school food would be taken up with the higher ups. In the next year and coming years I hope to see El Dorado High improve like I know we can.