Chess Club Offers a Competitive Community

Lyron Cox, Hi-Gusher staff

Did you know that we have a chess club?


The El Dorado High School Chess Club, led by Bill Meyer, meets each Monday afternoon and Wednesday morning to practice their chess skills in order to compete against each other and other schools.


EHS Chess Club has been running since 2010. Meyer has been the sponsor for Chess Club for 11 years. Meyer volunteered to sponsor Chess Club several years ago, according to him, “Three students who wanted to start the club had asked several math and science teachers, all of whom were busy with other activities,”


The club has a very welcoming atmosphere, according to Lily Stratton, a member of Chess Club. “The chess club is a great community and I always feel welcome in their community.”


Chess Club meets on Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings. At meetings they practice for competitions against other schools. Meyer said, “About 60 schools have chess teams, while 20 compete in competition.” Last year, the EHS Chess Club won first place. Chess Club is also free to join, and Costs nothing to play. The club is only getting bigger.