Teenage Republicans, Young Democrats

Ellie Jenkins, Hi-Gusher Staff

Teenage Republicans and Young Democrats aren’t just a political club.

Both clubs, while meeting once a week or every other week on EHS campus participate in community projects, politically driven drives, and impact the lives of high school students.

Molly Rottman is the sponsor for both Teenage Republicans and Young Democrats. Their activities vary from service projects, which can give you service hours for things like National Honor Society or campfire. A few projects they had done were a diaper drive for an organization called The Call, and a Go Bag Supply Drive which is for homeless people to get what they need. They also had done something, which was a little more politically driven, called a voter registration drive which allowed adults to sign up to vote in time for the most recent election.

Not only does this club impact the community, it also impacts the lives of students. This club can help prepare students for politics at an early age and get them involved with their community. Kennedy Langston, an officer for Young Democrats, is a very invested student. Langston enjoys Young Democrats for its sense of community. Langston said, “We’re able to get people together who share a common goal and similar beliefs, and use those to change within our community.” Langston has developed many friendships with people because of this club, and she has built a sense of accomplishment because of what she has done for and because of this community.

Jedidiah (Honor) Cotton is the president of Teenage Republicans, Cotton has invested time and energy into this club. “I enjoy serving the community through the various events we host. I also find the opinions of others fascinating,” says Cotton. Cotton has found that hearing others has taught him so much more than he thought.