Changes For The 2021-22 School year

Joshua Malin, Hi-Gusher Staff

  These past two years have been quite hectic with all of the horrid events happening. To make the 2021-22 school year the best experience possible, while still staying safe, the school board and school district have had discussions about masks, schedules, and more.

Students as they go through the school year may notice these changes more and more but most of the key changes took place immediately. Masks are required, just as last year, but the school-day ends an extra 10 minutes late. Wednesdays are shorter by an hour, and end at 2:25 P.M. These changes are just some of which taking place at the beginning of the school year, and there are more to come.

Students Tai’Jah Parker and Mathieu Malin gave their thoughts from different sides of the spectrum, both being either a virtual student or a physical student. Parker vocalized the most about when the short day should be, saying “I think the short days should be on Fridays again, so that the teachers could plan their schedules out for the upcoming week.” He speaks on the fact of classes being in the middle of the school week, with a weekend interrupting their plans.
Malin, however, when asked about how the changes have affected his experiences, he responded “I don’t really have any good changes, I got placed in two Study Hall classes and those are my 4th and 5th periods. It makes me have to set an alarm for Sixth period so I can get to class on time…” The virtual classes were limited, as less teachers were offering a virtual experience this year due to the issues that arose last year. Even then, the changes are made with the best intentions, and keeping in mind the safety of the students.