EHS implements new homeroom schedule


Kimberly Evans discusses with her homeroom class the topic of the day.

Anastashia Adams, Hi-Gusher Staff


Teachers and principals are implementing a new homeroom schedule this year. 


The new homeroom schedule is between third and fourth period at 10:43 to 11:13 a.m. Most are used to fourth or fifth period being used for homeroom. This year, homeroom will be a class that is picked for students and is most likely not going to be a fourth or fifth period teacher.


Students have mixed feelings about the new homeroom schedule. Isabella Licciardi said homeroom isn’t bad, it just was unexpected. Alex Galbraith said homeroom should be less than 30 minutes. 


Teachers and principals have a lot planned for the new homeroom schedule. Assistant principal, Geni Smith helped make the new homeroom schedule. Smith said, “What we came up with was we had an alphabetical list of each grade and we divided the teachers up by what grade they teach.”


Smith said then they figured out how many students should go in each homeroom class. Smith said, “We have a few more lessons that are gonna run us past Labor day and then later in the week of Labor day. We will work in Xello.” Xello is the site that helps you find career interest and other skill sets. “Then we are going to get more into some content students might need help with,” Smith said.


During the second nine weeks of school the homeroom will be designed to be helping students. Teachers will pull students together just to work on different classes and subjects. ”You’d be assigned to a new group or if there’s a deficiency you might get to do some type of activity that’s tied to a class you’re in,” Smith said. Students may also be offered to do certain activities in classes they have an interest in.