El Dorado School District board meeting prompts discussion on mask mandates


Lyron Cox, Hi-Gusher staff

School board meeting

El Dorado High School hosted an important school board meeting about the mask mandate in a special-called school board meeting on Monday, to allow members of the public to share their stance on district-wide mask mandate.


The recent El Dorado School District school board meeting gave parents, teachers, and others a chance to speak about the mask mandate. The meeting was for the school board to hear people’s opinions and beliefs on the mask mandate. Each attendant was given three minutes to speak. There were 18 different people who spoke at the meeting. There was also about 90 minutes of back and forth between people who agree with the mask mandate and those against it. Many different points were brought up such as unfair quarantines, a new strain of covid and disabilities.


The discussion on the mask mandate continued as more points were being brought up. Athletes being quarantined, small children not wearing masks properly, and percentages of people infected by covid were all discussed. EHS Principal Sherry Hill, speaking on the pro-mask mandate side, stressed, “We should take data over opinion.” 


There were only a few outbursts and incidents where speakers crossed the 3 minute time limit to speak, or shouting in someone else’s talk time.