Students, Staff Acknowledges Suicide Awareness Month

Ramya Miller, Hi-Gusher

El Dorado High School counselor talks about their experiences with students who’ve dealt with suicide to help acknowledge the importance of suicide awareness month last week.

At EHS there are some students that deal with the struggles of anxiety, depression, and other mental problems that could potentially lead to suicide. Mrs. Miller says that when there is a student that has suicidal problems; they have to take an assessment so that the counselors can see how severe the student’s situation is. That way the student can get the right kind of help they need. 

In the counselor’s office there is a table with pamphlets and papers that are full of information on where a student could find other help outside of school with their problems, and some mechanisms that could also help them through their difficult times. One of the papers is from The Rivendell Behavioral Health Services of Arkansas, and it has information on the signs of suicide and it has a hotline on it where someone could call it incase of a crisis. The South Arkansas Regional Health Center pamphlet has information on what they do, and information on other locations that have the same help they provide. 

Having suicidal thoughts is something that a lot of people go through, so don’t feel alone. If you have any problems or if you know someone that has suicidal problems, please seek out help. At EHS there are counselors that provide help that people with those thoughts need.