Cameras getting installed in all classrooms

Amy Jacobs, Hi-gusher staff

       The second phase in installing cameras in classrooms is underway. 

        The school board wants cameras installed in every classroom in the school district. Sherry Hill said, “The goal is to get cameras in all classrooms.” 

       Cameras are getting started in the freshman hall and will move forward from there. There are some classes that already had cameras installed. 

        These cameras are to be used like the ones in the hallways. Hill said, “The cameras are for the safety of the staff and students.” When there is a fight, or something is stolen in the classroom, the principals can look back on the video and see what happened. Having video proof of what happened is a lot more effective than trying to find out what happened from other people. This way, someone who was not involved does not get punished for what someone else did. 

           Installing cameras in every classroom will take time and is very expensive. Teachers from the freshman hallway have had things stolen.There has always been a problem with stealing but this year is worse with the “devious licks” Tiktok challenge. The freshman hall has had several cases where things have been stolen. These cameras will help return stolen items and prevent future theft. 

            Since cameras have started to be installed, Hill said, “I have not had teachers or parents complain.”

            Some students do not like having cameras, but understand it’s for a good reason to prevent fights and stealing. Emma Johnson, an 11th grade student at EHS said, “I hate having cameras. It scares me, but it is for a good reason.”