Jamison Dumas Has Big Plans For The Future

Ramya Miller, Hi-Gusher

Jamison Dumas is the quarterback for the Junior Varsity Football team at El Dorado High School, and has goals that he wants to accomplish in the near future.

Dumas has been playing football for EHS since his freshman year, and he’s been quarterback basically his whole time here. Dumas said, “I played quarterback through about the first half of the season last year, then I kinda started to migrate to receiver, but I was too slow. So I came back to what I was good at.” Jamison doesn’t get the job done all by himself; he has had some motivation along the way. “One person that has motivated me is Sharmon Rester. He just always makes sure I keep my head up when things get hard,” said Dumas. Sharmon Rester is the quarterback for the varsity football team at EHS, so there’s no doubt for Jamison to have Sharmon as his motivation. 

Athelets, such as Jamison, usually set goals for themselves, Dumas said, “My goal is to lead El Dorado to at least another playoff run after Sharmon is gone. I would also like to play football in college if I get the opportunity.” Jamison wishes to accomplish big things in the near future that require determination and hard work. 

There’s other things that Jamison likes to do in his spare time, Dumas said, “In my free time I like to hang out with friends and just do stuff outside like hunt and fish.” Jamison likes playing football because, “…I’m very competitive and this is one of the most competitive sports out there,” said Dumas. Being the quarterback for the Junior Varsity Football team has given Jamison some experience; when he plays for the Varsity team next year, he thinks that he’s prepared for it. “It feels pretty good being the Junior Varsity Quarterback. I get in there and get some experience for next year when I’m with the big guys,” said Dumas.