New Phone Policies

Yadira. Garcia

When I found out about Parker’s Chapel banning phones I felt bad for them. They won’t be able to text their friends or family anymore. They won’t even be able to get on their phone in between classes or during lunch. What if something happened or if they needed something from home? So let’s try not to turn out like Parker’s Chapel.

Students at El Dorado high school should follow the rules of the new phone policy so our school won’t have to ban phones from campus completely. We all know how students would start to act out if they banned phones. So, I beg you, please follow the rules. Believe it or not, most of the teachers didn’t want the school board to ban phones from campus either.

We have all been informed about the phone policy at EHS. We may not like it but it’s better than turning out like Parkers Chapel. Parkers Chapel doesn’t allow their students to bring them on campus, as well as some other schools near the El Dorado district.

We’re lucky enough that they didn’t ban it off campus, but to prevent them from banning phones completely we have to follow the rules. You should know that once you enter a classroom you aren’t allowed to be on your phone. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing on your phone, you should be able to take care of it in the hallway. Also, this policy isn’t black and white. Students are allowed to take their phones out in class when instructed by their teacher for academic purposes.

If they banned phones completely because of the problems that they cause, some parents would worry about their kids. Communication is very important for students and their guardians. This could jeopardize the safety of El Dorado students.

We would love to hear your opinions on the new phone policy and the pros and cons. Why it shouldn’t be a good idea for banning phones off campus. Why they should let you get on them before the bell rings.

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