Yadira. Garcia

Daniel Gafford, NBA player and 2017 graduate of El Dorado High School, has sponsored sports shoes for every Wildcat basketball player on this year’s team. 

The basketball boys are excited but they haven’t yet seen the shoes they are just waiting for their season to see the shoes. Coach Porter wants to bring them all out for all the boys in 10-12 grade to see them all in one go. Because of the sponsorship, Coach Porter is very grateful  “it was a big boost for our program providing shoes for every guy on our High School team 10-12th grade.

It not only saved us a lot of money but it was a great way for him to give back to our community “. Coach Porter said, “they were excited for the opportunity to wear these shoes.”

The basketball team and Coach Porter appreciate his love and support “Since I’ve been here he has been nothing but supportive for our program.” 

Daniel Gafford has also practiced with the basketball boys. Daniel Gafford has also been giving the team words of encouragement. The basketball team and Coach Porter are very grateful for everything that Daniel Gafford has done during the years that Coach porter has been there.