Effects of Social Media on Personal Happiness

Jill Stone

Have you ever wished you had someone else’s life? It’s easy to feel discontent with your life when you constantly have ideal lifestyles shoved in your face by social media. Many young people find themselves spending extended amounts of time on the internet which has a vast and diverse landscape. With this comes an array of interests and subcultures.

The reason why most people feel bad after exposing themselves to an excessive amount of social media is that social media posts almost always show the highest highs of people’s lives. People post when they’re happy and confident. They choose how other people see them, so their life is curated through a screen. This can make young people question why their life doesn’t look like someone else’s. In reality, every day isn’t going to be fast-paced and fun. Social media can alter how people interact with each other

People tend to act differently online than they would in real life. Some people are more outgoing and open with their thoughts and others lose their filters completely. It’s easy to forget basic manners when you don’t have to face the consequences of your words. The screen is like a mask to people; it’s easy to hide behind.

Social media also influences how people buy. When people advertise their “perfect” life they are also usually advertising something else too. Whether it’s makeup, workout equipment, vitamins, or some other miscellaneous products that are just certain to transform your life, it is a package deal with a supposedly idyllic lifestyle.

“You want my happiness? You’ll have to buy into it first.” With this desire for perfection and happiness, people are more motivated to buy things to compensate. This can lead to overconsumption. Overconsumption can be harmful to the economy and the environment because of pollution and waste.

Social media can be a refuge for people but it can also be a burden. A benefit of being online is that young people are able to connect with others who have common interests. Being socially isolated is a common problem for teens, so social media can be a remedy for this isolation.

To look at the internet and social media as something evil would be too narrow a view of something that can be a creative outlet for people. However, it may be better to approach what we view on social media with more awareness to understand how it can manipulate us. Social media may show us parts of the real world, but the real world is not limited to social media.