EHS offers clubs for high school gamers

Autumn Frazier, Hi-Gusher Staff

For students looking for that extra something on their transcripts, El Dorado High School has numerous clubs and activities with high chances for student involvement for the year.

The Dungeons and Dragons Club spends every Friday playing the fantasy role-playing adventure game, with Dylan Graves, a junior, moderating. DND Club currently has seven members and is looking to add more throughout the year. ”The club will not be throwing any major events for the school, just fun and games for the club,” Graves said.

The Chess Club will be having talented freshmen join the club and should be competing in the Chess Regional Championship. The club officers will be discussing out the big events as a group together, while some new and old members will only join to play the game, mainly with 15-20 members for the year. Bill Meyers, the coach of the club will be having officer elections next week, to see which students will help lead the club, main players such as Maggie Gonzalez, Lucas and Logan Mason, Isaiah Gassen, Christen Tally will help with the events as they play the game.