Seniors prepare for the future, look back on the past

Tasia Richardson, Hi-Gusher Staff

The El Dorado Class of 2018 began their last first week on Aug. 14.

Seniors took time the first week to both look back and look ahead. Senior Aliyah Andrew explained how getting to this point in her high school career wasn’t an easy task, and that her favorite memory of all time was winning the state conference. Andrews wants to become a nurse after graduating high school.

“I plan on attending UCA or LaTech because of their nursing program. I also plan on getting my PhD and opening my own doctor’s office,” she said.

She said the most challenging task as a senior so far has been filling out college applications.

Where Andrew is college-focused, Senior Ashley Miller is more focused on social events. Miller will always have high school memories but she said that one stands out.

“My best memory of high school is when I got elected to be to sophomore maid for homecoming.”

Miller said she is looking forward to “the pep rallies, graduation, and prom.” After high school, she plans on furthering her education. She said, “I plan on attending U of A to become a nurse, because really that’s the best school for nursing.”