The El Dorado Wildcats breeze to 3-0 against Magnolia

Tasia Richardson, Hi-Gusher Staff

The El Dorado High School Wildcats defeated the Magnolia Panthers 51-21 on Friday, clenching on to their 3-0 undefeated ranking.

Coach Vaughn,  the offensive coordinator for the team, explained their strategy for Friday’s game. “Our main focus was making sure we didn’t turn the ball over a lot and making corrections so we wouldn’t beat ourselves like last week,” Vaughn said. The Wildcats had quite a few penalties which were self-inflicted, he said, adding that coaches wanted to clean up the operation. He said, “We have to be really efficient on third downs and in the red zone.”

“We’ve  practiced and focused on a lot because the Panthers aren’t something we see everyday,” said Vaughn.

The long practices led to the Wildcat offense being more productive and their 30-point lead. That was the result Vaughn wanted before the game.

“Magnolia has two really good defensive ends and we have to do a good job of knowing where they are and get our hands on them quick. As far as their offense, they have some really good running backs,” he said.

Vaughn is positive about this year’s lineup. He said last year’s injuries actually helped this year’s team be more in sync.

“We have come together more as a team. I will say with last year’s bunch, we got bit by the injury bug, which provided opportunities for the younger bunch to get reps, which is showing a benefit this year because of that.”

“We know that if we handle our business and don’t beat ourselves, we’re our own worst enemy at this point. Anything is possible. Our main goal is to find a way to be playing in November,” he said.

Vaughn said his passion for coaching comes from a drive to be better personally .

“It’s all about the kids. We’re here to better them to become a successful man or a woman. I try to find a way that we can help them beyond the game of football. Whether it’s them getting into college or making sure they understand what there suppose to do financially, to helping them with home situations and so on.  It’s not all about wins and losses all of that is nice, but the grand scheme of things is all about the kids. And that’s why I became a coach.”