Lasting impressions last after Manny Scott edition

Caitlin Glancey, Hi-Gusher Staff

I thoroughly enjoyed Manny Scott coming to EHS.

I was moved and touched.

Taking pictures for this edition of the Hi-Gusher, I was already anxious about the assembly, primarily since I was in sweat pants and looked kind of trashy.

When I sat down, I was ready to go home because I was afraid of having a panic attack in the middle of an assembly.

He seemed okay at first, but then he started asking questions. At first, they were funny, but then they went deeper. As I stood up for every serious question he asked, by the third I was crying. By the fourth, I was flat out bawling.

He kept saying, “You are not alone, you are not alone.” That made such a big impact on me, I wanted to crawl up and cry for hours. I have always felt alone, and that just made me feel better.

Watching all my peers, people who I’ve passed in the hallways and have never said hi to, stand up during those statements along with me, it broke me. No one should have to go through those things, yet so many kids have.

It opened my eyes, Scott was right. I’m not alone.

I held to my best friends when he told us to find the person that makes us happy, who’s always been there for us. After the assembly, on my way to the bus, a girl I didn’t know approached me. She asked me my name, and I kinda just looked at her confused and told her my name.

Then she said, “Well, I saw you at the pep rally, and I just wanted you to know that if you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here for you.”

I still don’t know who she was, but it made me so happy. It showed me there are good people in this world.

Manny Scott made such a big impact on me, and so many other people at EHS. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind him coming back.

I’m so thankful for Mrs. Millican for finding him, for Jim Tucker for letting him come, and for Mrs.Reibe welcoming him with open arms into our school.

This is by far my favorite speaker I have ever been present for.