Spotlight on: Susan Massey

Recap of the first semester of 2020


Sarah Beeman, EHS Hi-Gusher Staff

Susan Massey, a first-year teacher, shares her experience about the first semester of 2020. Massey states that ‘’some of the biggest challenges I have had this semester was making sure that I am able to teach to my virtual students.” She says, “at the very beginning of the year, sometimes it got overwhelming trying to teach the hybrid classes for that sole purpose.’’ Although it was difficult she managed to have all the assignments go well for her on the computer. “Using Kami has been a great help with going through the notes with my students and still working out problems step by step with them and them still being able to write their own notes, so they get to practice what we are talking about instead of just sitting and listening.”

Her being a first-year teacher she states that “I was a little nervous at the beginning of the year due to everything being different due to the pandemic. I was also excited to get to meet my students for the year and get to learn with them this year in terms of using new technology.’’ Massey’s overall opinion on the semester was good. She expresses that, “it has been a learning experience with my students and technology can be frustrating sometimes, I got to bond with my students and see them grow throughout the semester. Seeing my students make any type of progress shows that I am accomplishing my goal as an educator.”

Massey has seen what she wants to improve on for next semester, and for future years. Massey’s goal for next semester was said to be,  ‘’more strict with my turn in policies. Since everyone is comfortable with the technology now, I will be more prominent in due dates. I will also reorganize my board so that I have a special place for due dates so students will be able to see them every day in class.’’ Massey states, “I feel that next semester will be great and will go a little more smoothly than this semester did since we were able to troubleshoot a lot of the problems we were having and getting things scheduled out.” She then voices that, “my experiences so far have been great. I am glad that I chose to work at El Dorado School District because the administration and fellow staff are amazing, and they made me feel right at home from my first day here.