Spotlight on: Eliza Brewster


Sarah Beeman, EHS Hi-Gusher

Eliza Brewster, a Junior at El Dorado High School is a strong individual. What made her who she is today, she states that her mother passing was what “made me mature very quickly and I’ve always been the one to look up to from my sister’s perspective.”  She continues on to say, “I had to balance cooking meals for us, cleaning the house, keeping our hygiene in check, and being the student and the teacher all my life as a kid up till recently. I did struggle with peer pressure at the start of my high school years but knowing now that I am still the role model to my sister is still just as important as it was 8 years ago.” Eliza now being a Junior, has been into sports for the majority of her high school career. She manages sports, and school, and normally relaxes after a long day after practice. She recalls that not many people know that, “I play the ukulele and love to sing.” From doing sports, school, and work, in her free time she would, “  go to the gym, church, spend time with my friends such as Calvin Huang, Priya Dod, and eat sushi.” Before she graduates she is “thinking about joining the wrestling team next year to see how it is and if I would enjoy it. Another thing is getting all A’s, which I am working on now.” Brewster’s plans for after graduation, she says, “As of right now, I have no plans for after high school. But if all goes, I will go up to Northern Arkansas to live with my aunt and get my basics at the Bentonville Community college.”