A Guide to the New Year


Whitney Jones, EHS Hi-Gusher Staff

2020 was a hard year for everybody. As we welcome 2021, we also welcome a new chance to handle this virus differently, and to try to put a stop to the spread. To do this, we need to clarify some do’s and don’ts for this year.


  1. WASH YOUR HANDS – Hopefully you were washing your hands before now, but now it’s become a necessity if we are to keep COVID-19 under control. Washing your hands is key to keeping bacteria from spreading; that’s common knowledge. Though it seems that most people didn’t listen when we were advised to wash our hands a bit more than usual. As a new strain of COVID-19 spreads easier than the previous strain, washing your hands is more important now than ever.
  2. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE – As stated before, the COVID-19 virus has mutated. It seems that the advice to stay 6 feet away from each other has not been taken seriously. People are hugged up on one another everyday, in and out. Showing your love is nice and all, put we should keep the touching to a minimum for the sake of others around us, and for the sake of the ones we love.
  3. WEAR YOUR MASK – It seems that with every passing day, people are figuring out new ways to wear their mask wrong. Of course, we also have those who just prefer to not wear one at all, because they feel they “can’t breathe.” Breathing in a mask can be difficult for some people, especially with respiratory issues. Nonetheless, we still have to think about others around us. If you cannot wear a mask because of respiratory issues, avoid leaving your house. And if you outright refuse to wear your mask even without medical issues, and insist on leaving your house, remember to keep at least 6 feet between you and everybody else. It’ll be much harder to breathe when you’re lying in a hospital bed with a ventilator mask on your face.