2020 Recap and New Years Resolutions

Cuashaundra Owens, EHS Hi-Gusher Staff

2020 was nothing short of a nightmare for everyone involved, but maybe 2021 will be a breath of fresh air. 


What essentially made 2020 the worst year of our lives was the outbreak of Covid-19 and it just spiraled out of control from there. While people were forced to go home and stay inside away from people, it slowed down or stopped the flow of business around the world. The cherry on top was not being able to be around our friends and family in fear of passing the virus to our loved ones. 

Students like Rhea Neugebauer said that “2020 was a drag. Felt like years compressed into one absolute black hole of a year.” While this was true for most students, some students like Jill Stone said that “Quarantine was fun for me, it was kinda boring, but I found things to do, mainly practicing my watercoloring”,  the general consensus was that 2020 was not a good year for them.

Here we are today in the year of 2021 and it’s a fresh start for most people. Resolutions were more social-oriented like Paige Holmes “I hope that this year will be better and I get to spend more time with my friends” while some were more personal as Aaron Norton’s resolution was “I hope to get a car in 2021.” We are looking forward to a brighter year as we go into 2021 with open arms.