Virtual Students Tell about 2020-21 School Year Experiences

Ramya Miller, Hi-Gusher Staff

My experience as a virtual student wasn’t too vast, so I’ve asked Trinity Khou and James Cain about their experiences as virtual students to get more insight on how other students disliked virtual learning.

 I did virtual school throughout the 2020-2021 school year, and it wasn’t fun at all. Whenever I was in my virtual classes, there were just some things that I couldn’t understand, some teachers would barely give the same information they would give virtual students, and it was just overall difficult trying to adapt to the new learning style. As from what I’ve heard, other students feel the same way. Trinity said, “The struggles I had with virtual was not being able to understand things as well as on campus kids, personally I am a hands-on learner so it was hard for me to understand most of the assignments.” As you can see Trinity had some troubles while virtual learning as well. 

I also wanted to see the point of view of students who actually enjoyed virtual school, that’s where Cain comes in. He said, “ I prefer virtual because my grades improve way better than they were when I was onsite.” I’m glad that his grades improved, but I still prefer the old fashioned way of learning. Cain also said, “The struggles I had with virtual school was the bad connection for google meets.” The main encounters that James had was with his internet, and not that he couldn’t learn very well. 

I’ve learned that there are some students who enjoy virtual learning, and I’m glad that that learning option works best for them. As you see, being a virtual student had to be one of the hardest things I had to do, and knowing the experiences of others helped me realize that I wasn’t alone in that group.